Tree Lopping

Tree lopping refers to the removal of certain branches of a tree for a specific purpose. Lopping can be done for a number of different reasons, such as:

Stimulating regrowth to improve tree health

Lopping a tree is similar to pruning, but a bit more aggressive. It involves removing branches at the stem or large sections of a tree, which may be done to remove damaged or dangerous limbs, diseased or pest-infested sections or to improve light filtration within the tree. Lopping can also prevent root damage by reducing the top weight of the tree. Despite some people’s beliefs, lopping is not harmful if done by a professional arborist and can drastically improve the health and longevity of a tree.

A skilled arborist — such as one of the team at Sunshine Coast Tree Lopping — will be able to ascertain which branches should be cut, so that the regrowth will optimise the health of the tree and prevent future problems.

Preventing a disaster by removing branches and reducing size

Potential dangers are sometimes hard for an untrained person to spot. Large/mature trees can very often develop disease, damage or even large hollowed sections that are highly destructive to property or even dangerous to your family’s wellbeing.

The opposite is true as well – with an overactive, thriving tree, problems can quickly manifest. Large fallen braches can crush and even maim, while overgrown leaves can intrude into unwanted areas. Most of us have witnessed the destruction that can be caused by a fallen tree, that’s why it’s very important to have professionals check where trees overhang areas containing animals, people, homes and vehicles.

While on rare occasions the arborist may advise a complete removal of a dangerous or unstable tree, our team are highly qualified and on most occasions we can restructure the growth of the tree, giving you peace of mind for your loved ones and your assets.

Removing branches that may be touching powerlines or guttering

While a modern marvel, powerlines don’t mix well with trees, and combining the two can turn a nice shady area into a disaster. If your trees are growing dangerously close to a powerline, it’s not only essential to have a highly trained professional inspect the situation, it’s just plain negligent if you don’t.  

One of our friendly arborist can not only remove the branches skilfully, they will also be able to retrain the direction of regrowth, ensuring that your tree will grow in a way that is safe for you, your family and the community.

Along with the dangerous powerline encounters, branches from well-formed trees can causes severe destruction to drainage, roof top structure and guttering – to remedy this it requires a skillset from a trained professional.

Beautifying a tree to let light through or open views

Trees have the ability to turn a house into a home, but their beauty can sometimes be marred by an unkempt and untrained look.

Don’t despair though – while the job might require a licensed professional to create the ideal look, we are extremely capable of bringing new life into your hard earned investment.

Whether you’re losing out on some needed extra sunlight, a tree is blocking those stunning views or you just want to give a tree a much need makeover, we have the knowledge, knowhow and experience to advise and complete the job in no time. When improving the general look/aesthetics of a tree, there are many ways we can do this, such as via a reduction in size, thinning branches out or identifying dangers and then proceeding to remedy them.

Many of our clients are pre-property sellers as our service ensures the trees on their property not only increases the kerbside appeal, but also increase the overall price and likelihood of a successful sale. If you have any concerns, questions or general inquiries about anything tree related, the highly trained arborists at Sunshine Coast Tree Lopping can advise, analyse or just give some friendly advice about your concerns, needs or wants.

Then we’ll structure an easy, fast and cost efficient plan of attack.


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