Stump Grinding

Stump grinding involves using specialised machinery to grind down the stump left after a tree has been removed or has fallen down. An unattractive stump left in the ground is usually going to be a tripping hazard in your garden, taking up valuable space.

It can attract unwanted creepy crawlies and can house mildew and rot, which can then eventually cause a sinkhole. Finally, if the stump is still viable, the tree you removed in the first place may even grow back! Many property owners put up with these issues for years, before finally realising they can quickly and easily have their stump ground down into nothing.


When we complete a stump grinding job, we use our complex machinery to pulverise the remaining stump into little pieces that you can add to your garden as mulch, or we can take away if you prefer.

The wooden section of stump is removed to below ground level and if there’s anything left below that, we cover it with soil, meaning the area will look like it never had a tree growing there in the first place. When the process is complete, any of the small amount of wood remaining below ground will naturally decompose over time, meaning you can use the area for other purposes immediately.

At Sunshine Coast Tree Lopping, we have the capability and experience to remove large or small stumps, even in hard to reach locations throughout the Sunshine Coast region. Our experienced and friendly crew will get your job done quickly and professionally, leaving your garden looking fantastic. Give us a call today for a free quote or consultation.



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