Best time to prune trees in sunny QLD

While it’s not a rule that’s set in stone for all species, most people prune their trees in Winter. This is because pruning when the tree is dormant promotes faster regrowth during Spring and also allows you to more clearly see all the branch structures. In Queensland though, the Winter months are relatively mild in comparison to other climates, so it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly when it’s the best time to prune.

Some trees — like deciduous trees that lose their leaves in Winter — make it easy to determine when to prune. You simply wait until they’re bare or almost bare. There are quite a few deciduous trees that commonly grow on the Sunshine Coast, such as Cape Chestnuts (Calodendrum capense), Jacaranda (Jacaranda mimosifolia), Japanese Maples (Acer palmatum), Leopard Tree (Caesalpinia ferria), Poinciana (Delonix regia) and Sweet Gums (Liquidambar styraciflua) for instance, so these species can be safely pruned when their leaves have dropped and before new growth has occurred. For other species, your best bet is to have a skilled arborist analyse them to identify the species and determine when to prune, as pruning at the wrong time can damage or even kill your trees!

Deadwooding Before the Storms

Deadwooding is a term used to refer to the removal of dead limbs from a tree. This is a vital Winter job in Queensland, as dead branches can cause huge amounts of damage when they fall during storms. If left, dead branches can eventually cause the entire tree to topple over! Here are a few reasons why you should get your trees checked for deadwood during Winter:

Deadwood is dangerous: As mentioned above, deadwood on trees is a serious safety concern — especially on the Sunshine Coast, where strong Summer storms are a definite occurrence. Dead limbs become extremely brittle in the Queensland climate and these limbs snap off so easily during storms, posing danger to people, animals and property nearby. As a tree owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your trees aren’t a danger and not doing this could be a costly mistake, so a yearly check by an arborist is definitely worth it in the long run.

An unhealthy tree is a risk:  When weak or dead branches drop off a tree, or of a tree isn’t properly pruned, the remaining ‘wound’ can be an inviting entrance for disease and parasites to enter the tree’s system. Similarly, crevices within a tree can collect water, resulting in a condition called ‘Trunk Rot’, which is pretty self-explanatory. All of these can cause a tree to become very unhealthy or die, which then causes the tree to become unstable.

To enhance the value of your property:  Deadwood not only causes a tree to be a danger, but it also looks terrible. If you’re trying to beautify your property for yourself or for a property sale, unmaintained trees can have an adverse affect on the aesthetics of your trees and can reduce property values.

As you can see, there are many good reasons to check your trees over the Winter months and prune if necessary. It’s also vitally important to have a professional arborist come in —preferably annually — and check for deadwood or other tree problems. The experienced and professional team at Sunshine Coast Tree Lopping can do all of this and more for you for a great rate! Give us a call today for a friendly chat.


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